That is why Sem de Wilde bought his first truck in 2011, a DAF to be precise. Easily bought, easily sold and that was the start of Semtrade. If it sounds simple, that is because it is simple. We at Semtrade don’t like to complicate matters unnecessarily. That does not mean we don’t work hard - we do. Of course we know a lot about lorries, which is an excellent start. We cut the crap and get stuck in: polishing, polishing the trucks.

The Semtrade team consists of five people, each as straight as a die and carrying their hearts on their sleeves. Truck fanatics, who rather work with their hands on the wheel than behind the desk. We know every truck in our fleet inside and out, so we know what we're talking about when we give our customers advice. To quote a local saying: agreed is agreed. And in our case it really is! That’s why customers like coming back again and again to Semtrade, something we are really proud of.

Westland, wonderful land

Westland is the heart of the Netherlands! It is the foremost through route for the transport of fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers, both domestically and internationally. Chances are that you are closer to Semtrade more often than you might think. Time for a (pit) stop at the Transportcentrum Westland, close to the A20! Easy peasy for the British hauliers too, via the Harwich - Hook of Holland ferry link.